IES 2014 @ SSCI
  IES'14 @ SSCI
2014 IEEE Symposium on Intelligent Embedded Systems (IES'14)

Intelligent embedded systems, i.e., embedded processing systems with sensors, actuators and computational intelligence-based computing ability, permeate our daily life. This symposium aims at disseminating recent achievements in computational intelligence towards embedded systems highlighting intelligent behaviors.

IES14  aspires at building a bridge between academic and industrial research, as well as among researchers working in different fields, with the specific purpose of designing systems and embedded systems able to adapt and interact with evolving environments.

The symposium will be held within the IEEE Symposium Series in Computational Intelligence (Orlando, Florida,  December 9 -12, 2014)

Papers must present original work or review the state-of-the-art in the following non-exhaustive list of topics:
  • Intelligence for embedded systems
  • Computational intelligence for cyber-physical systems
  • Intelligent fault diagnosis systems
  • Intelligent solutions for Internet of Things
  • Intelligent sensor networks
  • Intelligent sensors and robotics
  • Intelligent measurement systems
  • Adaptive solutions to operate in evolving/changing environments
  • Intelligent systems for real-world applications

Keywords: Embedded systems, fault diagnosis systems, intelligent applications, intelligent sensors, intelligent sensor networks, Computational Intelligence Internet of Things

Download the Call for Papers in pdf format